Working with us as a Holistic/Massage Therapist

General Details

With all the options you must arrive onsite no later than 7pm Wednesday night (any later and you could be locked in a festival compound overnight) please note arrive times for Glastonbury you must arrive Tuesday night, and for Temple Cloud Festival you must arrive Saturday morning at 9am.

This is based on a 4-day work week Thursday – Sunday. Contracts are taken on a week by week subcontracted basis. Participants must travel to the work site no later than the Wednesday afternoon. Massage therapists are either paid for massage hours that are completed or they are paid a fixed amount for the weeks contract, details of the different payment options are below.

Working Times are as follows. Midday to 9pm Thursday with 2x30min breaks & 9am-7pm Friday To Sunday with 3 x 30min breast each day (please note different working hours apply for Temple Cloud Festival and Glastonbury)

Generally we are working to a 33.5hr week. Extra hours worked are paid at a higher rate, details discussed onsite

There are 2 options for working payment.

One is that you are paid per hour for massages compleated. This way work is paid £20,904 pro rota for Therapists with under 2 years experience and £26,130 pro rota for Therapists with over 2 years experience. (£12 or £15 per hour). With this option we offer no travel payment to the festival. With this option you are required to work a 10 hour shift, you will have at least 3 x 30min breaks. You will only be paid for the massages you complete. There is also options to work a short shift of 6 hours, with tis option the ticket deposit is not returned, as it would be with shifts are completed in accordance with out OP with the long shifts or fixed rate options.

You will be paid a fixed amount for all hours completed. £318.25 for 33.5hours Travel is paid up to £50 will be covered paid at 45p per mile from your home address to the site and back. (2 forms of address evidence required).

With both options 1 and 2 for every year that therapists complete 3 events with us there is a annual pay rise of £1 per extra hour, which is capped at £20 per hour.

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