Temple Cloud Circus

We have 2 Aerial rigs and can offer a variably of shows and circus cabarets.

Please do get in touch for individual quotes, we love festivals .

Our costs would include: Rig rental, rental of aerial equiptment.(strops, carabina, trapezes, silks ect) wages for our rigger, production assistant, show host and aerial performers.
Travel of equipment and crew. Food for crew. Hire of PA.

We do have a simple small PA and can offer low budget simple shows to suit a small festival.

If you would like the show to take place in the night time when its dark we would need to arrange lighting.

Core Team:
Our Big rig takes 8 people to set up so this is the minimum amount of crew we need.
4 x  Performers / Aerial teachers .
1 x Sound engineer.
1 x Aerial rigger.
1 x Show Host / Compare.
1 x Production assistant.

Our Smaller Rig Takes 3 people to set up.

3 x  Performers / Aerial teachers .
1 x Sound engineer.
1 x Aerial rigger.
1 x Show Host / Compare.

We can also offer aerial circus workshops and classes through the day on Trapeze, Silks, Hoop or Rope.

Our Requirements:

  • We need 8m x 8m flat ground for the rig,
  •  Space for our sound desk and PA, usually 3-4m. Space for a van or a lorry 
  • A crew zone as close(within 5m) to the rig as possible with power where we can set up a back stage/ warm up room. 

73 thoughts on “Temple Cloud Circus”

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