Massage Application and Deposit for Events and Festivals Glastonbury


Before booking in please email your insurance, qualifications, car make model and reg, any medical conditions that could affect your ability to work, references and your emergency contact info.

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LongShift 9am-7pm Massage. 100% of work deposit returned after completion of shifts.

Job Role
Agree to Operations Policy

I agree to comply with the Operations Policy

Arrival Time

Tuesday beofre 5pm for glasto and wed 8pm Shambala

Car Reg, Make and Model

I have emailed my Car reg, make and model to Ian.


I agree to wear company clothing provided.

Criminal Record

I have emailed Ian details of any criminal record I have, and understand that I will be DBS checked.


I will not get drunk or consume any illegal drugs while onsite.

Emergency Contact

I have emailed Ian an Emergency Contact

Medical Conditions

I have emailed Ian any Medical Conditions that affect my ability to work.

Medical Information

I agree to inform my manager immediately of any medical situation to might affect my ability to work.

Pack Down

I agree to help pack down the yurts and other equipment.


I understand i will not be paid onsite and will be paid within 28 days of the contract.

Qualifications & Insurace

I have emailed my insurance and qualifications to Ian (if relevant)


I have emailed 2 references to Ian

Self Employed / PAYE

I confirm I am self employed and responsible for my own tax, Option 2: PAYE I have provided my P45

Signing Hours Off

I agree I will not end my shift each day without having my hours signed off and checking in with any problems I have, direct with my pink lotus line manager (Sammy Terry) (NOT THE FESTIVAL STAFF)

Team Work

I understand there are teams in Pink Lotus and will help the other teams if needed.

Time Keeping

I understand being late for work will result in the loss of part of my deposit.

Team Meeting

I will attend the team meeting 11am on the Thursday.

Festival Option 1

Glastonbury, Shambala, Temple Cloud Festival, Womad

Festival Option 2

Glastonbury, Only Booking 1 Festival, Shambala, Temple Cloud Festival, Womad

Operations Policy

I agree to comply with the Pink Lotus Standard Therapist Operating Policy

Festival Option 3

Glastonbury, Only booking 2 events, Shambala, Temple Cloud Festival, Womad