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We are currently recruiting for Massage Therapists to join the team this Summer at outdoor festivals and events. This is an exciting opportunity. Everything is provided within our spa, Circus area required for the job.. However you will need to bring your own tent, clothes, sleeping bag, roll matt and food. 

Thank you so showing interest in Pink Lotus Creations,

We recruit all sorts of people to work with us through the summer months at outdoor events and festivals.

Mainly we work with: Massage Therapists, Circus Performers, Circus Teachers, Receptionists, Sound and Lighting Technicians, Marquee workers, Photographers and Social Media Experts as well as General Volunteering.

To Apply to work with us please book in via the links below. A deposit is required to book in the work at festivals, this is usually the price of a ticket, this is standard practice within the industry to ensure you turn up for work . 

The work is paid £19,500 pro rota for Therapists / Aerial Circus Teachers with under 2 years experience and £29,250 pro rota for Therapists / Aerial Circus Teachers with over 2 years experience. 

This is based on a 4-day work week Thursday – Sunday. Contracts are taken on a week by week subcontracted basis. Participants must travel to the work site no later than the Wednesday afternoon. Massage therapists are only paid for massage hours that are completed.

To Book in to work as a massage therapist or circus helper please click here. 

To book into work in our circus team click here . 

To book in to help/volunteer as part of our tent set up team click here


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